August 2022 Renewal Open

The Italian restaurant IL PINOLO was

established in Iikura (Minato-ku) in 1997
as a social gathering place for globally-minded adults.
The restaurant's name, PINOLO, is Italian for "pine nut".
The name was derived from our desire to convey the preciousness of happiness and the wonder
of nature's blessings contained in such a small morsel through Italian food culture.
IL PINOLO GINZA reopened in August 2022
with the concept of an evolving "traditional sophistication" and
respecting the present while inheriting the DNA of the original store in Iikura.


Executive Chef Tomotaka Watanabe

"I am still in the midst of evolution.
I want to continue the pursuit of new possibilities for Italian cuisine, which is beloved to me."

Born in Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
From a young age, he grew up surrounded by the delicacies of the mountains and the sea.
His training started in restaurants while he was still attending school.
With this experience and a desire to follow a career as a professional chef, he enrolled in a culinary school.
After gaining experience at several Italian restaurants in Japan, he moved to Italy in 2002,
where he was attracted to the essence of Italian cuisine, which simply brings out the best of the ingredients,
the bounty of nature and the earth.
After eight years of hands-on experience throughout Italy,
acquiring an innate taste for Italian food culture, he finally returned to Japan.
of the senses he acquired in Italy and the abundance of seasonal ingredients locally available.
In 2013, he was welcomed as Executive Chef of BiCE TOKYO (Shiodome), where his proficient skills,
combined with his new style of Italian cuisine that respects the texture of the ingredients as well as the traditions of Italian cuisine, were valued.
After his appointment as Chef de Cuisine of RISTORANTE STELLA,
an Italian restaurant of Unimat Group in 2015,
he returned to Italy in order to acquire the essence of Italian cuisine which
was demanded by the current era.
In 2022, he became the Executive Chef of "IL PINOLO GINZA" in "GINZA, Tokyo",
where the people and the cuisines gather from around the globe,
expressing a more "delicious dish" further by adding his uniqueness to his new discoveries from Italy.

Please enjoy a dish prepared by Chef Watanabe
in an elegant setting at the IL PINOLO GINZA flagship restaurant.